Our Vision

LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile can be just as important as your resume these days.  Most of the time, candidates do not know how much or how little to show on your LinkedIn page.

After reviewing and making changes to your resume, we will take a look at your LinkedIn profile and give you FREE recommendations on how to improve it!


If you do not feel we were able to help or improve your profile, we will refund your money back immediately. 

CV writing

How It Works

Hire Us!

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We strive to help your profile more marketable to potential employers in the manufacturing industry.  We know that finding that next step in your career is a full-time job and want to make it easier for you!

Constantly getting advice from people on your profile and don't know where to start?  We hear you!  Let us help improve your resume so you can maximize your job search.

Our Goal

Our goal is to improve your profile so you can get the most of out your skill set in the engineering & manufacturing industry.

Our Process

1.  Give us a call on 416.451.9504 and a resume expert will discuss your experience and find out more about your skill set so we can help you out on your professional profile the best we can.

2. You email your resume to info@manufacturingresumes.ca and we will give you a call back if we have any further questions.

3.  Make your payment of $70 via Email Money Transfer to info@manufacturingresumes.ca or via PayPal.

4.  Next?  You don't have to do a thing!  We will fix your resume within the next 24hrs and send you an updated copy in both MS Word & PDF formats.